Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Class

Summer has always been my favorite season ever. But this time, its different. I enrolled summer class with only one subject, 5 units. Zoology. I go to school mondays til' wednesdays 9-12am lecture and 1:30-7:30pm laboratory (some says I'm lucky enough to that). Ugh such a lazy sched! Then, I've got to realize I am a college student now. It's totally different.

On the brighter side, I enjoy being in the class with my girls and classmates plus one of the best teacher I've known. He's very humorous, open-minded and easy-to-be-with kind of person.

With Sheena and Sir Claver
Kim and Sir Claver

What's more exciting about the class is by the time we dissect CAT! I thought, we couldn't survive dissecting it but t'was fun and we didn't expect the turn out.

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