Sunday, February 12, 2012


Seventeen ♡

I know it's been weeks but I decided to still post about my memorable birthday last Jan 31. This is the very first birthday that I didn't have a party. Well, some say it's too old to have one. But the main reason was I just wanted it to be simple - celebrate it with loved ones. I really felt extra special that day. Though how simple it was, it left me so grateful til' the last minute of the day!

Chocolate Cake from Marja and girls

CREAM (Cley, Reyna, Elana And Malkah) surprised me with these cute yummy cake! 

What's funny about this is that it's a chocolate and for your info, I don't eat one! (weird? but seriously) But I really appreciate it. We ate this together at Space Burger for lunch.

Moon (Space Cheeseburger, Fries, Mustard) for 4

 After eating, we watched 'My Cactus Heart' for an hour and half. I had so much fun with these three lovely ladies which I often see everyday at school. I love these girls!

With Ryan and Ela at Rairai Ken
At 6pm, I went to GMall to meet my best buddies, Ryan and Ela. Unfortunately, Abe, Nichele and Nicole couldn't make it that day. To those who didn't know yet, they are my best friends and we'vw been together since grade school. Cool right?

Seafoods, Chicken Teriyaki Bento, Gyoza

After eating with them, I went to Abreeza with my parents  who came to Davao from Tagum to visit me on my special day. We ate at Hukad. We're like having triple date (lol) mama and papa, ate and his boyfie, Chad and of course the celebrant and my one and only mu ♥

Hukad, Abreeza 2ndflr
On the left ( charles, me, mama) On the right ( chad, sister, papa)
Serious faces.
Crispy Pata, Honey Chicken, Fried Dinuguan, Salads, Shells
That's it!  Simple yet memorable. I feel so blessed on my 17th birthday :)
I thank God for his undying and continuous blessings.

PS: To all who sent birthday messages, thank you so much!
Love, RMARiES.

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