Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer 2012

May has already melted. I still haven't posted anything concrete about summer 2012. Despite the class, I can still feel the anticipation of summer in my nerves. It has been a tradition to not miss the scorching heat and fun during this season. There's so much to mention about what had actually happened during my summer. It started in the last week of March. All my tita and tito went home from Japan to attend my tita's wedding. My sister is the maid of honor and yours truly, one of the bridesmaid with my cousins.

On the next day, we went to Pearl Farm, Samal Island. What's summer without going to the beach, right?

Next stop. Davao Oriental. Bonhomie Leisure and Resort \m/

I've got to jam with their band there :) I miss singing haha.

I'm still hoping I can go to the beach one more time before another school year starts. It feels totally different when you are in college. Summer's not the same like I had before. But at least I had fun with my family! That's more important to me.

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