Friday, January 13, 2012

Like the flowing river

       Finally! I've reached its last page.  This was the first book I read as of 2012. I always thought of it as boring. No offense. But when I finished reading it, I found it interesting. It's all about the life of Paulo Coelho. It is full of reflections and life lessons- how we face storms in our lives, how we turn our backs to the who saves us, how we encounter life both on its happiest moments to our downfalls and many more. 

The Story of the Pencil. This was one of the many reflective part of the book. It was summarize into five qualities: (1) You are capable of great things but you must never forget that there is a guiding hand, God. (2) Now and then, we use sharpener. That makes a pencil suffer a little afterwards  it's much sharper. So you too must learn to bear pain, because they will make you a better person. (3) The pencil always allow us to use an eraser to rub out our mistakes. This means correcting. (4) What really matter in a pencil is not the wooden exterior, but the graphite inside. Always pay  attention to what is happening inside of you. (5) It always leave a mark. Everything you do leaves a mark so try to be conscious of every action.
I hope to have more time reading books. Its a good habit. 


  1. Ooh galing pala sa book yang Story of the Pencil? Nagamit ko gud yan sa speech ko during the kindergarten graduation :))